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Dealer Responds to Attorney General’s Lawsuit

By Staff Writer September 24, 2019

California-based Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company has responded to the state Attorney General’s filing of a civil suit and vowed to fight the allegations.

The attorney general recently filed suit against Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company, a network of motor vehicle dealerships, and Blanco, its chief executive. The accusations include false advertising regarding credit and discount programs, making false statements on credit applications, and deceiving customers regarding add-on products and additional charges.

The family-run business, which has eight locations, employs 488 Californians.

“Our family-run business has helped hard-working Californians who cannot afford or don’t have the credit score necessary to buy a car at other dealerships do so,” said Chief Financial Officer Putu Blanco. “Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company has rigorous controls and a culture of compliance in place to ensure California regulations are followed and consumers are protected.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 01 October 2019 13:02

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