CDK Global Launches New Lead Program

By Staff Writer September 01, 2020

CDK Global, Inc., a retail automotive technology company, announced the launch of BDC Pro, a new addition to its Elead ecosystem. BDC Pro provides a standardized 90-day lead nurturing program designed to manage the full cycle of internet leads for automotive dealerships that use Elead as their CRM provider.

The solution offers dealers an operating model that is efficient and fully integrated inside the Elead CRM. BDC Pro handles first responses, workflow, task management, delivery of confirmed appointments, warm handoffs, and no-show follow up. The program offers a support network that consists of trained agents for follow-up activities, plus a team of sales operation consultants that help dealerships identify successes and areas of opportunity to improve appointment traffic and gain competitive market share.

“Our vision for the future of BDC is to continuously evolve to keep dealership needs central to the solutions we offer,” said Scott Thompson, senior vice president, CRM, and Layered Applications. “As the economy continues to reopen, competition is at an all-time high, and dealers are hyper-focused on expense management. BDC Pro gives them the ability to take advantage of every opportunity, get more showroom appointments, and close deals quickly and efficiently. That’s crucial right now.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 01 September 2020 13:19