Westlake Partners with SmartAuction

By Staff Writer August 17, 2020

Westlake Flooring Services announced a strategic agreement with SmartAuction, Ally Financial’s online auction platform, to enable dealers to purchase inventory through SmartAuction’s website using their Westlake floor plan.

“Westlake Flooring’s goal is to make it effortless for dealers to use their flooring credit line,” said Jonathan Zhan, senior vice president of Westlake Flooring Services. “This agreement with Ally provides dealers with a quick and convenient method to purchase inventory.”

Westlake Flooring Services is integrated with over 260 online and in-lane auctions, making flooring easier for dealers nationwide. Initiatives like the Dealer Loyalty Program allow dealers to earn and redeem coupons towards lowering Westlake deal fees.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 19 August 2020 14:32